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YR Pictures WKb 7-10-19

This week we have been looking at menus. We had a look at Mrs Jillings’ menu and found out where else we would see menus. We then tried to write our own menus. We made our own cakes  using plasticine and added decorations. We had a go at using different materials to create our own favourite meal. We looked at using colours for a purpose and various textures we could use to make our meals look more realistic.

We went to the church to take part in our Harvest festival where we got to sing lots of songs and take an item of food to share to people less fortunate than ourselves. We were inspired by our church visit and made our own stained glass windows.

This week we also took part in space 1  where went into a planetarium and listened to a story about a young bear who was scared of the dark. We were able to look at the stars and the constellations (star patterns).  We had lots of fun and even had a space themed lunch. In the afternoon we were inspired by a robot called Curiosity who has a special robot arm to explore Mars and can only be given instructions by a computer. We had a go at being robots and being programmed. We then made our own robots using junk modelling.

Here are some photos from our fantastic learning this week:

10.10.19 001 10.10.19 009 10.10.19 014 10.10.19 015    pattern 11.10.19 003 pattern 11.10.19 005 pattern 11.10.19 009 pattern 11.10.19 011 pattern 11.10.19 014

07.10.19 00207.10.19 REC and Y6 008 maths 8.10.19 019