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Wkb 13.04.20 Home Learning Week Four

Hello Reception!

Another little note from Miss Pooler and Mrs Adams  to say we miss you, we hope you are staying safe and well and we hope you are enjoying your home learning so far!

We hope you are working through your Home Learning Packs.  In addition to the Home Learning Packs we will also be putting up weekly activities to cover different Early Years areas.

Please can you take lots of photos of the activities you are taking part in so we can share when we go back to school.


  • Maths scavenger hunt- please see link Maths scavenger hunt
  • Have a go at sharing objects between your toys e.g. if you are playing with 2 teddy bears can you share a number of blocks equally between the 2 teddy bears. Extend and give your child an odd number to share.
  • Have a go at halving objects e.g. food how can we half the chocolate bar so you both have half?
  • Numbots-
    • Your child will have log in details that were sent home
  • White Rose home learning:



When writing remind your child to use their phonics to clap and sound out words, remind them of tricky words, remind them to use a capital letter, finger spaces and full stops. Please encourage your child and allow them to phonetically sound out the words e.g. when writing ice-cream your child may write ighs kreem. This is phonetically plausible for us to read back J

Phase 3 diagraphs/trigraphs: zz,qu,ch,sh,th,ng,ai,ee,igh,oa,oo,ar,or,ur,ow,oi,ear,air,ure,er

Tricky words:


  • Write a list of ingredients and a method with how to cook your favourite cake
  • Draw and label a sunflower label sunflower

Reading and phonics 

Please refer back to your reading log which was sent home in your home learning pack.

Understanding the world

  • Create a map of your local area. What is in your local area? E.g. Shareshill you can draw a picture of the church, post office, school, Preschool and The Elms.

Expressive arts and design

  • Paper plate crafts- e.g. animal masks
  • Self portraits
  • Use natural materials e.g. sticks, stones, shells, leaves, flowers to create your own art work and take a photo
  • Charanga online music – you have been sent your log in details by text. Please sign in and have a go at listening to the music. See if you can find the rhythm. Enjoy listening to familiar and have a go at learning a new nursery rhyme.

Fine motor activities

Fine motor development is a skill needed to be able to control and build strength in the small muscles in your child’s hand and fingers. Without fine motor skills your child will not be able to write or hold objects using the correct grip.

  • Sensory writing- baking trays with a thin layer of salt, sand glitter etc. allow your child to use their finger to mark make.

Physical Development

  • Daily PE with Joe Wicks
  • Just Dance on YouTube
  • Enjoy going for a walk with your family
  • Cosmic Yoga
  • Go Noodle


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