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Class 6



This term we are reading the exciting novel ‘Letters From the Lighthouse’ written by Emma Carroll.


This story is set in 1941, during World War 2. Olive and her brother have been evacuated from London to Devon, after a bomb blast tore their family apart. While staying with a mysterious lighthouse keeper, Olive must solve a mystery of her own.

All of our writing this term will be based around this story.



This term, we are covering a range of skills in our Maths lessons including written methods for addition, subtraction and multiplication, multiples and factors, angles and measures.

Here are some websites that might help:


Times tables

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Remember to practise your times tables at home and on TT Rockstars! On a Friday we have a times tables test with 100 questions up to 12 x 12. The idea is to beat your score from the previous week!



Our Theme this term is a geography-based Theme, called ‘Improving Our Local Environment.’ We will be reading different types of maps and exploring how to use six figure references and symbols on Ordnance Survey maps. We will map our routes to school, conduct class surveys and parent surveys and analyse and present the data from these. We will also conduct some fieldwork, including traffic surveys in our local area. We will explore possible improvements and the impact of Highways England’s proposals for the new M54 Bypass Road.



Our Science Topic this half term is ‘Electricity’ where we will be exploring electrical components and simple circuits. Children will have ‘hands on’ experience mending broken circuits and investigating how changing an electrical component affects the rest of the circuit.


Design and Technology


This term, our D and T will be based around textiles skills. During this Felt Phone Cases unit, we will be learning how to write our own design criteria. We will design products with the user in
mind thinking about aesthetics and functionality. Annotated designs will be used to communicate ideas as well as step by step plans.
We will learn how to make a paper template and how to sew a running stitch, backstitch, whip stitch and blanket stitch. Finally, when we have made their felt phone case, we will learn how to write a detailed evaluation.



This term, our French theme is ‘Who am I?’ . We will learn phrases for describe ourselves by:

  • engaging in conversations and asking and answering questions.
  • speaking in sentences, using familiar vocabulary, phrases and basic language structures.
  • developing accurate pronunciation and intonation.
  • learning songs and poems.



Our topic in R.E this term is ‘Creation and Science: Conflicting or Complementary?’ We will express our own views on how we believe the world was created, identify what type of text some Christians say Genesis 1 is and write our own version of the story of creation. We will identify the scientific theories of how the world was created, explaining the scientific theories of cosmology and evolution and understand that many Christians find science and faith go together.



Our Music this term will be focussed around our Charanga Music Scheme based on the song ‘Happy’. We will be learning a signed version of the song and will be listening and appraising, completing musical activities using tuned percussion instruments involving composing, improvising and performing.



During our P.E lessons this term, we will be practising our athletics skills with Mrs Barker and taking part in one session per week with a Progressive Sport’s Coach too.



In our computing sessions this term, we will be using Purple Mash to complete an Online Safety unit. We will identify benefits and risks of mobile devices broadcasting the location of the
user/device, e.g. apps accessing location and identify secure sites by looking for privacy seals of approval. We will also identify the benefits and risks of giving personal information and device access to different software. We will gain a clearer idea of appropriate online behaviour and how this can protect us and others from possible online dangers, bullying and inappropriate
behaviour. Finally, we will identify the positive and negative
influences of technology on health and the environment.




Our unit this term is entitled VIPs (Very Important Persons) which will focus on relationships. The children will identify who their VIPs are within their families and friendship groups and how important kindness and respect are within these relationships. The unit addresses conflicts and resolutions in relationships. The children will also look at the secrets and dares, as well as healthy and unhealthy relationships.