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Year 2 Home Learning Timetable week 4 13.4.20

Dear Year 2,

We hope you are keeping well and safe, making the most of the sunshine and enjoying your home learning too.

We miss you all! Happy Easter to you and all of your families too.

Thank you so much for the great learning you have completed so far on Purple Mash.  We have enjoyed looking at it and reading your comments too! Keep up the good work!

Please click on the link below to find a suggested timetable for week 4 beginning 13.4.20.

there are activities for you to complete each day and links to help you find resources online.

Remember to record any work you complete in your exercise books.

There are also lots of activities you could do linked with any books you have read.


Mrs. Brooks and Miss Hall.

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1 5-7 RE Today and NATRE home learning Easter (3)

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