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Parental Questionnaire

School Council Survey of Parents



Thank you for all those that took part in the questionnaire and for your continued support

(Governor review of Questionnaire process Carried out by S Worrall)

Total Response forms


121(1 nil response)
Total number of pupils the forms refer to


% of pupils covered 86
Total positive Answers


Total negative Answers


Total Answers 1426

% of positive answers

% of negative answers 1
Total Strongly Agree Answers 904
% of Strongly agree 63
% Recommend school 99


Percentage positive responses
1 My child feels safe at this school. 99
2 My child is making good progress at this school. 99
3 This school meets my child’s particular needs. 99
4 This school ensures my child is well looked after. 99
5 My child is taught well at this school. 100
6 This school helps my child to develop skills in communication, reading, writing and mathematics. 99
7 There is a good standard of behaviour at this school. 97
8 My child’s lessons are not disrupted by bad behaviour 97
9 This school deals with any cases of bullying effectively. (Bullying includes persistent name-calling, cyber, racist and homophobic bullying). 99
10 This school helps me to support my child’s learning. 99
11 This school responds well to my concerns. 96
12 I would recommend this school to another parent. 99

*%’s rounded