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School Return

Please note that the school will not be opening wider to pupils 1st June

If the government announce that schools can reopen from 1st June then the following system will apply- Please be aware that challenges from the union etc may change these plans with little notice

A new form is now available to request a place for the following week- you will be informed of the decision – if we reach our cap number this is only likely to apply to the Friday – Please read carefully the question and answer section below which explains more.

At the minute (on the form) you will be able to select days you want child to attend (this may change later)

(Key worker, LAC, Vulnerable children from 1st of June)

Wed 3rd June – Y6

Thurs 4th June- Y6 & Y1

Fri 5th June- Y6, Y1, YR



The pictures below are an indication of what classrooms might look like because the school is having a deep clean wkb 25 June


Initial advice for parents

This advice is subject to change

Initial advice School Pick Up and Drop Off


How do I find out what is happening? Check the school website daily
Return If the government and the LA decide that they will implement their plans for the 1st June – the schools risk assessment means that the school will not be ready for other pupils until later
Please read this section carefully Key Workers All Week
Wed 3rd June – Y6 & keyworker
Thurs 4th June – Y6&Y1 & Keyworker
Friday 5th June – Y6, Y1, YR, & Keyworker
Return if Government and/or LA did not choose 1st June If there is changes then there will be implications on the plans- a staggered return will be required
Am I guaranteed a place? No- there is a cap number (this will vary depending staffing numbers available) and there is guidance on priority. As per Government direction priority is given to key workers and vulnerable pupils, then Reception, Y1 and lastly Y6.  .
How do I let the school know? As per government advice schools have to ask parents if they are going to send their pupils for the following week – this is so numbers can be obtained and pupils allocated to a class (in the first instance).  Pupils will stay with that class. If the cap number is not achieved then pupils can be added to that class.  The week before an online form will be available to request a place.  Numbers are limited because of the school cap number.  The request will be for the following week. It will need to be completed every week. You will be advised if you have a space or not- in line with government direction.  Late submissions will not be accepted.
Do I have to fill in the form as a key worker? Yes you will be required to fill in the form weekly.
My child has an EHCP can they return? EHCP children have a separate risk assessment – in most circumstances the risks are too high currently because of the inability to follow social distancing. This will be assessed again in 2 weeks time
Attendance- whole week After the staggered start whole week. Priority is given to key workers and vulnerable pupils, then Reception, Y1 and lastly Y6
Key worker and Vulnerable remain a priority? Yes as per government direction -these are given priority over other groups. If they are in a year group that is returning then they will join that year group.
Which years? Reception, Y1, Y6 only. Priority as per government direction is given to key workers and vulnerable pupils, then Reception, Y1 and lastly Y6.  Please note due to the risks there are very small N place.
Is it competley safe? No – even with measures in place there is risk
Will staff and pupils have to be Covid 19  tested before starting this system? Currently -No the government is only making testing available to those with symptoms
Attendance- What if I choose not to send? Guidance from the government says we should encourage you to attend but it is your decision and you will not face repercussions if you choose not to send.
Attendance- Key Worker, Vulnerable, EHCP Key Worker, Vulnerable and EHCP pupils remain a priority – For EHCP it is subject to a specific risk assessment
Attendance- Full Time Pupil numbers will be determined the cap number.  Pupils are expected all day as this will reduce the contact and risk. Requesting days is possible but will depend on the cap number.
Attendance- Part of day No – Attendance will be for the full day due to the risk of transmission
Numbers per class The government guidelines is “For primary schools, classes should normally be split in half, with no more than 15 pupils per small group and one teacher”.  However the trust has agreed that the number in class (and our cap number) will mean that a 2m gap will be maintained where possible – thus there will be space for roughly 8-10 children in a class.  (If the school hall is require this can accommodate more  pupils).

Once a pupil is assigned to class they will stay with that class – if the cap number is not achieved then pupils can join that class at a later date.

What happens if staffing levels change? If staffing levels change then the spaces and availability change.  If this happens when the class groups have been established then in may mean the closing of the provision for that class.  This may happen with little notice especially if a staff member develops symptoms please check the school website daily and make sure your emergency contact details are up-to-date.
2m Social Distancing The government has acknowledged that the school cannot maintain 2m distances all the time especially for younger ones this is not just pupil to pupil but also pupil to staff.  However as per government guidelines “If you can keep older children within those small groups 2 metres away from each other, you should do so.”  We will try to maintain 2m distancing as much as possible
Can I come into School? NO- this includes the lobby area- access to school is by appointment only. If you have a question please ring
If I have a question or information for the school Please ring the school
Will my child have their class teacher? No this may not be the case as we will have staff that cannot be in school during this new period.
Will my child always have a teacher? No this may not be the case – government guidance allows for a number of other possibilities
Infant Free School Meals As per the government instruction they are only available to pupils who are in school.  Those that meet the FSM voucher scheme who are not in school will continue to get vouchers. Those who do not meet the Free School Meal criteria and are not in school as per government instructions will not be provided with food or vouchers.
Free School Meals As per Government instruction those that meet the Free School Meal criteria and are in school will be provided with food (packed lunch) and will no longer be eligible for the voucher scheme.  Those that meet the FSM criteria and who are not in school will continue to get vouchers. Those who do not meet the Free School Meal criteria and are not in school as per government instructions will not be provided with food or vouchers.
School provided food-Lunch Following government guidelines the school will only be providing packed lunches that can be easily delivered to the child’s class and be eaten there. There will be no hot food available.  Choices will be either a cheese, ham or jam sandwich.  You will need to fill out the weekly form to order these packed lunches.
School provided food- snack No breakfast, break or snack food will be provided by the school for purchase.
Home provided food See also FSM and Infant Free School Meals.  Please provide your child with a healthy packed lunch and a drink plus if you wish a snack. Please be mindful of the amount of food you pack as in the past some parents have sent too much food and the child has felt guilty for not eating it all. They will not be able to snack on food outside of designated times. Please make sure they have plenty to drink. Please do not provide fizzy drinks.  Please ensure that the drink you provide is able to opened etc. by your child.
Water bottles Please provide your child with a water bottle – this is additional to lunch time drink. These as per the lunch box will be taken home to be cleaned each day.
Start and end times The day will have staggered start and end times
Breaks and Lunchtimes Breaks and Lunch times will be staggered -Lunchtime will shorter – if the weather is fine and the field dry it will give us more options
The school is currently seeking advice on social bubbles
Play equipment will not be provided at break time due to the short time frame
Highly limited play equipment may be provided at lunch time depending on social bubble advice – It is unlikely to be provided in the initial stages
Illness Do not send them to school – it may be the onset of Covid 19 or if not Covid 19 then it would increase their risk from Covid 19
Illness- Headache Do not send medication into school the school will not administer it see above and below
Illness- My child is on medication On the request for a place will be question about medication an individual risk assessment will be made to see if a place can be offered
Illness- Asthma Guidance is unclear for children for adults if is mild and managed then they can come in – therefore it is assumed this is the same for children. Please get guidance from your doctor. Please put inhaler in a sealed sandwich bag- inhalers can stay with pupil. Please fill in the medical section of the school form.
Illness- What happens if my child or family member has Covid 19 symptoms Do not come into school – inform school immediately- follow government guidance.   If it is Covid 19 symptoms then you will be most likely to be asked to have a Covid 19 test. If Covid 19 school will follow public health guidelines.
Illness- What happens if my child becomes ill at school Your child will be isolated and you will be asked to collect them. If it is Covid 19 symptoms then you will be most likely to be asked to have a Covid 19 test. If Covid 19 school will follow public health guidelines.
Uniform Uniform to be worn on Tuesday and Friday to allow washing of uniform. If this cannot be achieved then non uniform
Non uniform Monday, Wednesday, Thursday- clothes to be changed each day and washed before re-wearing.
 Non Uniform clothes should be sensible and give appropriate protection from the sun.
Shoes -trainers for rest of term – please No open toes – socks to be warn in all circumstances
PE days will be announced please provide clothes that are suitable for doing PE but give protection against sun- Tracksuit bottoms or equivalent no shorts (sun protection)
Sun Hat to be kept at school (to stop transmission from school to home)
Umbrella (large) So your child can have personal shade- this to be kept at school under table
1 School bag (rucksack best as they can hang on the back of the child’s seat
Lunch Bag/ box to be kept in school bag
Water bottle
Suitable coat – waterproof coat is ideal as it can easily be wiped clean (depends on weather)
No Pencil cases – your child will be provided will the equipment they need – This will stay with them at their table
A pack of tissues (the school will provide a nappy bag for your child to put a used tissue in – which will then be put in the bin)
Suntan lotion Please put sun tan lotion on your child (Factor 50+ recommended) in the morning. Staff will not be able to put sun tan lotion on. Older children (Y6) can bring suntan lotion to put on themselves – they will not be able to ask others for help.
Outdoor learning The government recommends out door teaching – however there is the risk from exposure – so staff will follow sun safe guidelines – Plus see changes to uniform
Will home learning stay the same? As per government direction home learning will not stay the same since staff will have teaching commitments- there will be more direction to tasks provided by external agencies.  The Google Classroom will remain and work will be set by and monitored by shielding staff.
What will my children learn? For those at school it will not be the same as normal school- there is likely to be a lot of cross over with home learning.
Marking Marking policy will change-  Work will be marked in school – use of stickers/ stamps and at most a brief comment will be used – this is because of the risk of transmission
Will there be a leaver’s assembly? As per government direction NO – there may be other things using technology that can be done.