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Welcome to Reception 2017!

The children have settled into Havergal and have met lots of new friends.


Danny Dog is enjoying his visits to different homes. We look forward to discovering more of his adventures.

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Parent Workshop – Tuesday 3rd October @ 3.30pm

Thank you for the very positive feedback from the workshop – we are really pleased you found it useful. Thank you for also joining in and having fun!

If you were unable to attend, information will have come home and can also be viewed below.

Letters and Sounds Summary Aut 1 17


Our Learning in Autumn 1


Havergal Theme Aut 1 2017 for Parents

Havergal Theme Aut 1 2017 for Parents

Our Learning in Autumn 2 



Havergal Theme Aut 2 2017 complete 1


Spring 1

Our new topic this half term is ‘play, play, play’.  The Children were very excited to return to school seeing that our role play had turned into a Superhero Headquarters. They have been busy writing incident reports- telling us what has happened and what superhero powers they will need to use.  Outside we have set up a toy shop, allowing the children to write shopping lists and to buy toys using the correct amount of money.

We have also looked at what materials we use to make our toys. We have been describing our toys and have noticed that some of the materials used to make our toys e.g. plastic, wood, rubber, glass, metal and fabric are also used and seen in our homes. We have been investigating to why our Lego is made out of plastic and not fabric and why our teddies are made out of fabric and not glass.

Also for 12 weeks the children will be having PE lessons with the ‘Wolves Community Trust’ they will be focusing on team games and ball skills.

Havergal Theme Spr 1 2018 Parents[1168]


Spring 2

Havergal Theme Spr 2 2018 (2) (1)


Summer 1

Havergal Theme Summer 2018

This half-term we will be learning all about wild animals. Thank you for talking to your child about what they would like to learn – we have lots of exciting avenues to explore!

We will be exploring different places where animals live and also how we can help look after our world. If you and your child have time to find out about this at home using non-fictions books, the Internet or through visits then please encourage your child to share this at school – you may like to bring in pictures your child has drawn, writing they have done, books or photographs to support this.