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Important Changes To How Home Learning is going to be Supported

From the 11th May the school will stop using the timetables on the school website and use Google Classroom as this enables more communication and flexibility of file submissions.  You will be able to access the system from now – the week of 4th May is a transition week where you find some tasks repeated in the classroom from the timetable on the website.

Due to the increase in direct contact with staff, governors have put in place strict rules for the use of the Google Classroom this is also supported by various laws.  Firstly, any inappropriate posts, language etc will result in a ban from the system and may also come under the Malicious Communications Act 1988.  The classroom will be monitored by governors and staff.  Staff will not be expected to communicate outside of school time this includes holiday periods- note holiday periods may be different as the school has to stay open for key worker children.  Staff are not expected to reply immediately thus it may take until the following school day to get a response (Marking of work will take longer).  Governors are also going to monitor the workload and future changes may have to happen – this is especially important depending on the nature of any phased return.

How to sign up for the Google classroom

First you need a Google account

Google have special accounts for children under 13 that allow you to monitor them – I strongly suggest you set up this type of account. Click Link for more information.

or add parental supervision to an existing account

Please do not use an account that you cannot view

Join the class

You must be signed in to Classroom before you can join a class. Unsure if you’re signed in? Learn more about how to sign in to Classroom.

Join a class with a class code

Go to

Make sure to sign in with the correct account. If you’re already signed in and need to switch accounts, in the top-right corner, click your profile pictureselect or add your account.

At the top, click Add   Join class.


Enter the class code below and click Join.

Welcome to Reception 2019/20


website picture

 The children have settled into Havergal and have made lots of new friends.

Here are a few photos from the children’s first three weeks at Havergal:


4th sept 19 043 4th sept 19 033 4th sept 19 006 Reception Sept 19 031







09.09.19 01310.9.19 004   4th sept 19 054




Our Learning in Autumn 1

Havergal Theme Aut 1 2019 for Parents

Our Learning in Spring 1 

Havergal Theme Spr 1 2020 - Copy