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Class 5

Welcome to Year 5!

Read on to find out what we are learning this term.



In our English lessons this term we will be continuing our writing based on the book, ‘Kensuke’s Kingdom by Michael Morpurgo.

This is a story about a young boy who gets caught in a storm whilst sailing the Pacific Ocean with his parents. He washes up on a deserted island, only to find out that he is not alone.

We will be completing a range of different writing genres, including: biography, narrative, instructions, a diary entry, and looking at Haikus linked to Japanese culture.


In our Maths lessons this term we are covering a range of subjects, including Decimals and decimal place value, reading and interpreting scales, revising factors and primes, and converting between different units of measures.

We are continuing to use our Times Tables Rock Stars – please make sure you are practising!

Useful Links:

Spelling and Maths Home Learning will be set online via Purple Mash on a Friday. Please ensure you are practising times tables and reading at home regularly. Please could parents ensure that reading diaries are signed when you have read with your child and that they are present in school every day. 



Our Theme this term is a history based theme – Ancient Greeks. We will be studying the changes to Ancient Greek civilisation over time, including daily life, the gods and goddesses and the influcence on our civilisation today.



We are beginning  this half term with a new topic, ‘Animals Including Humans’. This topic focuses on the changes in humans from birth to old age, including the main stages of development. Changes during puberty will also be covered in this topic, focusing on the physical changes to males and female during adolescence.

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Key Vocabulary:

adolescence, puberty, menstruation, adulthood, gestation

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Year 5 have the exciting opportunity to study guitars in Year 5, with our external guitar teacher. Lessons will take place on a Tuesday afternoon on a fortnightly basis in the hall. Your child will have been allocated  a group and will need to bring their guitar to school on their set week. We will be learning to read note tablature.



Our P.E lessons this term include Striking and Fielding in Cricket and Rounders. We will be improving our throwing, bowling, striking and catching skills in these defensive games. This will be lead by Mrs Barker on a Friday afternoon.  We will also be doing athletic sports day activities through the half term. Please make sure your child arrives in school wearing appropriate PE kit for the weather, including a sun hat.

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Our Theme this term is ‘Beliefs and Actions in the World’ including Christian Aid and Islamic Relief. We will be discussing the idea of  fairness, justice and equality, special projects undertaken by these charities and their impacts, and making links between religion and supporting those in need.

  • discuss the ideas of fairness, justice and equality and apply them for myself;
  • suggest a reason why Muslims or Christians like to help the poor by making a link between religious beliefs and texts and the actions of religious charities;
  • tell a story about the Prophet or about Jesus to do with money or generosity;
  • describe a project of Christian Aid or Islamic Relief, including some details;
  • explain the impact of some projects of each of the two charities.



Our focus this term is ‘En Ville’. Our aims include:

  • To learn vocabulary about the town and use it appropriately
  • Able to repeat sounds and attach sounds to the written word
  • To use the vocabulary in context to build spoken and written phrases.


Art and Design/Design Technology

Our focus this half term is a DT unit – Greek Vases. This is linked to our history topic this term as we will be looking at Greek designs and artefacts. We will have the opportunity to develop our designing and sculpting techniques by creating our own Vase designs using clay.

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We will be using our Purple Mash Scheme of work this term to study ‘Databases’ this term. We will be using a simple database to read and interpret information, as well as create our own databases.
We will be continuing our topic ‘Be Yourself’. We will be discussing activities based around what makes you unique, the effects of peer pressure and the choices we make.