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Class 5

Welcome to Year 5!

Read on to find out what we are learning this term.



In our English lessons, we are reading ‘Kensuke’s Kingdom’ written by Michael Morpurgo.

We will be basing all of our writing around this lovely story of a boy, who is stranded on a desert island, before being befriended by an old man.

We will be writing biographies, fact-files, arguments, diaries, instructions and our own stories based on this fantastic story.

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We continue to use our home learning reading scheme, which you access online at home. This is an exciting opportunity to engage your child in reading at home. Each week, they will be asked to read a chapter of a story online, vote for what happens in the next chapter and complete an activity, showing understanding of what they have read.

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In our Maths lessons this term we are covering a range of subjects, including place value and rounding, factors and multiples, written and mental calculations, geometry and statistics.

There is a BIG focus on Times Tables this year.  Speed is key! Get practising!

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Our Theme this term is ‘The Vile Victorians’.

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We are learning about the characteristics of Victorian Society, including:

  • Queen Victoria
  • Industrial Revolution
  • Victorian Fashion
  • Victorian Games
  • Victorian Transport.
  • Victorian Homes.
  • Victorian Holidays.
  • Victorian Schools.
  • The Growth of the British Empire.
  • Victorian Trade – imports and exports. We will also be going on a trip to the Black Country Museum – more details to follow.

We will explore the changes in British society during the Victorian era and the impact of the Victorians on our lives today.

We will also be going on a trip to the Black Country Museum – more details to follow.




Our Science topic this half term is ‘Earth and Space’.  We will be investigating the planets, the movement of the Earth in Space and the movement of the moon.

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Key Vocabulary:

sphere, asteroid, comet, galaxy, planets, solar system, meteor, milky way, star, universe.

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Our Music lessons continue to be delivered on a Wednesday afternoon. We are learning to read tablature and notation, and play a range of music on our guitars.




Our P.E  lessons this term are Swimming on a Thursday morning and we will be joining our Sport’s Coaches for a variety of invasion games.

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Our Theme this term is ‘Prayer’.

The children will be studying and questioning why and how Christians, Muslims and Jews pray.  We will be looking at artefacts and discussing their relevance, as well as writing their own prayers.

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The children will be learning their numbers up to 100 in French.  We will play games, practise our pronunciation and write simple sentences.


This term , the pupils will be designing, writing and debugging programs that accomplish specific goals, including controlling or simulating physical systems; solving problems by decomposing them into smaller parts.  They will be using sequence, selection, and repetition in programs; working with variables and various forms of input and output, mainly through the use of ‘Scratch’.
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