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Class 4

Welcome to Year 4!


Our text for the term is Stig of The Dump by Clive King. This text links to our history learning about The Stone Age.

We are writing a variety of fiction and non-fiction text types, focusing on including the correct structural and language features.

We are having a big focus on joined handwriting, spelling and correct grammar in all of our work.


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Remember to practise your times tables up to 12 x 12 at home! Speed is Key!
Remember to learn the division facts.
Test yourself timed online or on an app.
This term we will be covering:
  • Recognising, writing and rounding with 4-digit numbers.
  • Mental methods for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.
  • Formal written methods for addition , subtraction and multiplication.
  • Properties of 2 and 3-D shapes
  • Converting units of measure.

Some useful websites for you to use at home are:


We are continuing with Fiction Express. This is exciting opportunity to engage your child  in reading at home because they get to vote on ideas for the next chapters, which brings reading to life!

It is important that you read the chapter and complete home learning tasks each week.

Theme: Stone Age to Iron Age
We are learning all about the changes in Britain from the Stone Age up to the Iron Age, including:
  • Late Neolithic hunter-gatherers and early farmers
  • Skara Brae
  • Bronze Age religion, technology, and travel.
  • Stonehenge
  • Iron Age hill forts: tribal kingdoms, farming, art and culture

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Art and DT

Art this term is linked to cave paintings around the world. We will be focusing on the skills of mark marking, texture and multi-media.

DT will be focusing on mechanisms and structures inspired by Stonehenge.



This term we are looking at States of Matter and Sound.

States of Matter includes: grouping materials into solid;, liquids and gases; how particles behave; evaporation and condensation and the water cycle.

Sound includes: how sound travels; the sound reaches the human ear; pitch and volume.




In French this term, the children will be re-capping greetings; learning about numbers and food.



In music this term, the children will be focusing on rhythmic patterns, improvising and singing songs to perform.



In P.E. we are completing a range of Outdoor Adventurous Activities and tag rugby.



In computing, children will be learning how about Online Safety which includes: cyber bullying; creating safe profiles; and how to search safely.



Does a Beautiful World Mean There is a Wonderful God?

We are looking at the meanings in the creation story. We are also exploring big questions about the meaning of life.

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