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Class 3

Welcome to Year 3!

Read on to find all about our new learning in the autumn term

English ~~

Our fiction text this term is   ‘The Adventures of Flat Stanley’ by Jeff Brown.

We are basing all of our writing on this funny story in which a boy finds himself  flattened by a notice board. He then goes on all sorts of adventures.   We will be writing, editing and improving a range of different text types including character descriptions, story setting, instructions and non-chronological reports.


We will be focusing on the following areas this term:

A big push on learning times tables for rapid recall –  x6 and x8 multiplication tables and related division facts.

  • Written calculations – addition, subtraction, multiplication and division
  • Solving problems using all 4 operations
  • Describing 2D and 3D shapes
  • Recognising right angles in different situations. Angles bigger and smaller than a right angle
  • Different types of lines
  • Telling the time to the nearest 5 minutes, both past and to the hour

Useful websites:

Theme – Fascinating France

This term we will be looking at the physical and human geography of France


This term we are learning about ‘Forces and Magnets’

  • different types of forces -pushes or pulls
  • force of friction
  • magnetic force – attract and repel
  • magnetic and non-magnetic materials
  • different types and strengths of magnets
  • poles of a magnet
  • designing and making a magnetic game


Useful website:



Seurat and Pointillism

  • Who was George Seurat and what was his style of art?
  • How to create art in the style of pointillism?
  • How Seurat used colours in his artwork?
  • How did Seurat create effects and shading in his paintings?
  • Who were the other Pointillist artists and what did their work look like?
  • How to create a piece of artwork in the style of pointillism?

MFL – French

We are learning all about the French numbers 1 – 20.  Saying them, reading, writing and using numbers in different contexts. For example in money linked to Euros.



This term in RE will be focusing on ‘Beginning to Learn Islam’ . We learn about their practices, e.g. prayer,  The Five Pillars of Islam and why The Koran is importance to Muslim’s. The children will also have the opportunity to visit a mosque.

Also Year 3 will be learning all about ‘Why Easter is important to Christians?’


In music this term, children will be focusing on descriptive sounds, improvising and singing songs to perform.


In P.E we are having a weekly swimming lesson and gymnastics.


‘Programming Turtle Logo and Scratch’

  • create and debug an algorithm using the move, rotate and repeat commands.
  • create and debug an algorithm using pen up and pen down.
  • create and debug an algorithm that draw regular polygons.
  • create and debug an algorithm that draw regular polygons using  ‘Scratch’
  • create and debug an algorithm to draw patterns.