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Class 2

Welcome to the wonderful world of Year 2!

Year 2 is taught by Mrs. Brooks, Miss. Hall and Mrs. Gotsall.

Redditch, Moons Moat First School - Year 2

Read on to find out about our new learning for Autumn 1.



Our text for this half term is The Dragon Machine by Helen Ward.

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We will focus on writing, editing and improving a range of different text types including :

Descriptions of characters and settings using expanded noun phrases, conjunctions, adverbs and different sentence types ( statements, questions, commands and exclamation).

We will also write our own instructions.

We will be using a range of punctuation including capital letters, full-stops, exclamation marks , question marks, commas in a list and apostrophes ( for contractions and singular possession).



Maths mastery uncovered

We will be investigate using the four rules of number, remembering to look for number bonds and patterns in number to support our learning.

We will learn our multiples ( 2,3,5 and 10) and corresponding division facts , developing our understanding of fact families.

We will be using our reasoning skills and explaining our learning using mathematical vocabulary.

We will learn about fractions and the names and properties of 2-d shapes.

We will develop our skills of collecting information and working systematically. We will use different methods of recording e.g. tally  charts, bar graphs and pictograms.



Uses  of materials:

We will be learning to :
 identify and compare the suitability of a variety of everyday materials, including
wood, metal, plastic, glass, brick, rock, paper and cardboard for particular uses
 find out how the shapes of solid objects made from some materials can be changed
by squashing, bending, twisting and stretching

We will plan and take part in our own investigations and develop our observational skills, looking at materials in the world around us.

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This term we will be learning about Samuel Pepys and the Great Fire of London!

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We will learn about how Samuel Pepys wrote a diary about life in London in 1666 and the importance of his diary in helping us learn about the past.

We will order the events of the fire on a timeline, write our own diary entries and compare life in London in 1666 to London today.

We will create portraits of Pepys and collage houses.

Design Technology.

We will be designing, creating and evaluating our own Moving Pictures.

We will investigate using sliding mechanisms, levers and wheel mechanisms.

We will find different ways of folding and joining our materials and evaluate our designs.

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This term we will learn about online safety and safe searches. We will develop our control and word processing skills.

We will find our way around Purple Mash and learn to log on, find an activity, complete and save our own work.







We will focus on our athletic skills including running, jumping and throwing. We will continue to learn about the importance of warming up, cooling down and the effect of exercise on our bodies.

We will learn team games and think about the strategies that help us work as part of a team.

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We will be talking about the important people in our lives – our VIP’s.

We will  explore the Very Important Persons (VIPs) in
children’s lives and the ways in which they can develop positive
relationships with them.

We will enable children to identify who the
special people in their life are and what makes someone a
special person.

We will encourage the children  to explore why
families and friendships are important and to understand that
although these units are different for everyone, there are
things they can do to resolve differences and build healthy
and positive relationships within them.

We will also learn about the importance of cooperation and how to show the
special people in their lives that they care, as well as the
positive impact of doing this.


Welcome to the wonderful class of Year 2!

In Year 2 we have Mrs. Brooks and Miss. Hall .

welcome to year 2


Read on to find out what we are learning this term ( Autumn 2 ).


We will be reading, retelling and acting out Traditional Tales including  Little Red Riding Hood and learning about wolves in stories and in real-life.

We will also look at writing our own versions of the story.

We will look at alternative versions of traditional tales e.g Cinderella and Prince Cinders.


We will practice writing different sentence types ( statements, questions, exclamations and instructions).

 We will be writing descriptions of settings and characters.

We will be writing explanation texts, our own information books and instructions.



We will continue  to learn about  multiplication and division.

We will be solving one-step and two-step problems using the 4 rules of number. We will investigate choosing and using own written methods to find answers and show working out.

We will be looking at and describing 3-d shapes.

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We will continue to learn our multiples of 2,3,5 and 10 ( Topmarks Hit the button is useful practice!)

We will investigate measuring length in cm and metres.

We will find fractions of numbers and shape.

We will be telling the time!



We will be learning about living things and their habitats. We will learn about life-processes and how we can tell whether things are living, dead or never alive.

FREE Animal Habitat Flashcards! | Animal habitats, Habitats, Animals of the world    Animals & Their Habitats, Powerpoint Presentation, Part Two | TpT

We will also investigate different habitats including our school field and micro-habitats, oceans , deserts, rainforests, polar regions and learn about the plants and animals that live there.

We will learn about how plants and animals are dependent on each other for food and shelter.

We will look at animals and how they are suited to their habitats. we will also investigate simple food chains.



We will be learning about our local area. We will focus on drawing maps and using keys and symbols.

We will investigate using four-points of the compass to follow directions.

We will learn about human and physical features of our local area and think about what a local area needs.


WV10 7JA maps, stats, and open data



We will investigate mixing colour to achieve different results.

We will be studying the work of different artists  including Mondrian, Paul Klee, Robert Delauney and Wassily Kandinsky ( in particular use of watercolour, collage, shape and colour).

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We will be learning about Symbols of faith and signs of belonging.

We will be looking at symbols around us and those linked with celebrations in a variety of faiths e.g The Story of Rama and Sita.

We will enjoy decorating our Diva lamps.

The meaning of Christmas.

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We will be using computers to draw our own pictures ( using click and drag, fill tool and undo to make improvements.

We will use word processing skills to type, edit, print and save our learning. We will copy and paste pictures.

We will design our own power point pages and add effects .

We will learn about online safety and how to use effective searches including finding our way around Purple Mash and opening and saving our learning.

We will learn how to use and create spreadsheets



We will practice our skills including throwing, catching, rolling and developing accuracy.

We will link movements together in a sequence, rehearse and perform in dance.

We will take part in weekly work-outs and learn more about the effect of exercise on the body.




We will be learning about rhythm and pulse. We will learn how to use sign our new new song Ho Ho Ho. We will use the glockenspiels to repeat given  patterns and create our own.

We will perform in front of others in the class and evaluate our performance.