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Class 2

Welcome to the wonderful class of Year 2!

In Year 2 we have Mrs. Brooks and support from Mrs. Hartshorn  and Mrs. Gotsall.

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Read on to find out what we are learning this term ( Summer ).


We will be reading, retelling and acting out the story of Bob Robber and Dancing Jane (Summer 1) and The Tin Forest ( Summer 2). We will be comparing the characters and writing character descriptions. We will write letters imagining we are one of the characters from the story. We will write fictional instructions and write a detailed description of the settings. We will think about how the characters feel at different points of the story and why. We will make links between stories we have read.

We will be developing our use of imaginative word choices and building on all the super skills we have looked at over the year.


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We will be reading, performing and writing poetry based on poems from  Africa ( linked with Theme).



We will continue to develop our skills in using the 4 rules of number. We will be investigating number and number patterns and using and applying to solve problems.

We will continue to learn our multiples of 2,3,5 and 10 ( Topmarks Hit the button is useful practice!)
We will also be learning our corresponding division facts.

We will learn about position , direction and clockwise and anti-clockwise turns.

We will look at the properties of 3-d shapes and making our own shapes using nets.

We will develop our measuring skills including time, weighing, length and capacity.


We will be learning about how animals grow and investigate the importance of exercise, hygiene and a healthy diet.

We will observe and describe how seeds and bulbs grow into mature plants and identify what they need to help them grow and stay healthy.

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We will be setting up investigations and developing our observation and measuring skills. We will design our own simple experiments and explain what we have found out.



This term we will be going on safari to Africa! We will learn about where Kenya is and learn about landscapes and how this affects what lives and grows there. We will learn about how people live, learn about their culture , food ,music and dance.

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We will learn about the art of Africa and investigate the importance of shape, colour and pattern. We will design and make our own African masks,  decorate them in bright colours and then use them to help us act out stories.

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We will learn about the importance of a healthy diet in Science and will create and design a healthy snack . We will enjoy making and eating them too!

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How are the Christian and Jewish families led? We will think about what makes a good leader and what qualities they need.

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We will be learning more about Internet safety and use the Internet to find our own information. We will be using Comic Life to create our own pages and continue building on using instructions and coding skills.

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We will continue working with The Wolves Community Trust. The focus will be on throwing, catching ,striking and control skills. The children will also learn to develop team skills and working with others. They will learn how to use tactics in PE too.

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We will learn about the music of Africa. We will perform famous songs from Africa and create our own music and dance. We will learn about rhythm, different instruments and take part in an African drumming workshop.

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