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Year 1 Learn from Home Week 2

Buenos dias!

I hope you are all safe and working through your learning pack whilst enjoying this gorgeous sunshine.

Mrs Gotsall and I are missing you lots and we can’t wait to see you.

Take care

Mrs PB & Mrs Gotsall


Here are a few ideas for week two.


Keeping Fit and Healthy!  (Also known as PE)

Do any of the following to keep your mind and body healthy!

Joe Wicks –

Cosmic Yoga –

Go Noodle –

Or (If Dry)

Make an obstacle course in your garden. Time yourself and see if you can get quicker. Record your times in your work book.

Learn to skip with a rope. How many skips can you do?



Please use the new phonics play website.  There are lots of fun games and activities.

In addition to this please either print off or make your own phonic flashcards for phase 3, 4 and 5 and practice them all daily.

You need to focus on Phase 3/4/5/6.



This week I would like you to keep a diary.  Just a few sentences each day.


Before you write

*Say what you are going to write.

*If you can include an adjective and a conjunction do so.

*Start with a capital letter.

*Sound out each word carefully. Think about what that sound looks like.

*Re-read each sentence.

*Use a piece of punctuation at the end. (full stop, exclamation mark or a question mark)



Count to 100 everyday – the children love this

Count in 2’s, 5’s and 10’s every day.

This week, I would like you to check you can name these shapes.


Then can you draw each one in your book and label it.

For each shape tell me how many sides and how many vertices.

Challenge Question

Both the square and rectangle have the same number of sides and vertices. Explain the difference.

3d- Shapes

I would like you to check you can name these shapes.


For each shape tell me how many sides, faces and how many vertices.


Challenge Question

How many of the above shapes are prisms. Think carefully! Just because they are not called a prism doesn’t mean they are not a prism!


Other Curriculum Areas

We have been learning about the seasons and weather.

Afternoon Challenges

  1. I would like you to make a weather map and do your own weather forecast. I know we had a quick go at this at school but we didn’t manage to finish it.


  1. Split a page in your book into 4 draw a picture in each section showing the clothes you will need for each season.


  1. Find out how the number of daylight hours change over the seasons.


Finally ….

Read as many books as possible, be extra kind and helpful to everyone at home and keep being you.


Mrs PB