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Google Classroom

Google Classrooms

Important changes to how Google Classroom will be operating


From Monday 11th January we will be using new Google Classroom profiles to improve the organisation and make it easier for yours and your child’s access.  They will be in an online classroom for just their allocated year groups.  Access to Google Classrooms will still stay the same.  This will help to access your child’s work more easily and staff to engage more easily with your child’s home learning.

The strict rules for the usage of Google Classroom remain in place and are still monitored by Governors and Staff.  Staff will not be expected to communicate out of school times and are not expected to reply immediately due to timetables.

Please see the following steps and guidance to enable you to sign up for your new Classroom.

You will need to use a new class code to join a new classroom, this can be found on the Google Classroom homepage by clicking the + button and join a class.  For additional support and steps please see the link below.

Entering your new google classroom help

New Classroom codes

Classroom Codes

Reception – f7r52kx

Year 1 – 2jyueqx

Year 2 – el2ih4i

Year 3 – 27jmdef

Year 4 – owdrb7x

Year 5 – p6uc2mv

Year 6 – vbjmtkl

The current Classroom which is currently Havergal Apr20 will be closed with no further access on Monday 11th January.  Please ensure that work from this week has been submitted by Monday.

These new Classrooms can be signed up to straight away.  If you have multiple children in different year groups you can choose to use the same email account or separate.


Please see the following steps if you have not yet got a Google Classroom account.

How to sign up for the Google classroom

First you need a Google account

Google have special accounts for children under 13 that allow you to monitor them – I strongly suggest you set up this type of account. Click Link for more information.

or add parental supervision to an existing account

Please do not use an account that you cannot view

Join the class

You must be signed in to Classroom before you can join a class. Unsure if you’re signed in? Learn more about how to sign in to Classroom.

Join a class with a class code

Go to

Make sure to sign in with the correct account. If you’re already signed in and need to switch accounts, in the top-right corner, click your profile picture select or add your account.

At the top, click Add   Join class.


Notes for Google Classroom

  • As a parent, you can join multiple classrooms with the same email account if you have more than one child in the school and would like to switch quickly between year groups. You can also switch between existing email accounts by clicking on the circle in the top right corner.
  • Please make sure your name is a proper name (ie not a nickname). A parents name is fine. You can edit this in settings > personal info.
  • Please make sure that when you submit work on Google Classrooms you add a comment and attach your completed work.
  • Turn in English work that has been completed on Purple Mash.
  • Please see the suggested timetable and online agreement at the top of each classroom.